T Levels and local government

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T Levels are technical qualifications launched by the government in 2020. The LGA, supported by the Department of Education and Gatsby, is offering support to local authorities to promote their council as a career destination for young people.

Offering an industry placement to a young person, can encourage them to actively contribute to and make an impact on local government, while offering much needed skills resource in councils.

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Benefits of hosting a T Level Placement

  • A recruitment pool to help address hard to fill vacancies. 
  • Access to high calibre, highly motivated individuals. 
  • Direct influence on the skills gap.
  • Opportunity to promote councils as employers to young people in your locality. 
  • New and existing staff have the opportunity to mentor a young person. 
  • Adds a new avenue to increase diversity in recruitment. 
  • Supporting a young person in a field that is occupationally relevant to their area of study. 
  • Progression routes can be shaped through Industry Placements., eg. apprenticeships, graduate programmes or employment within your council. 
  • For limited period time, the Government has introduced a financial incentive to employers who host a T Level student of £1,000 per student up to a maximum of 20 students before July 2022. 

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