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Financing Green Ambitions - Full report

This guide looks at some of these sources of funding, as well as green loans, community municipal bonds and more and how they might apply to different types of projects.

NGDP front cover

National Graduate Development Programme 2020/21

National Graduate Development Programme 2020/21: council information pack

Front cover of lessons learnt publication

Lessons learnt from councils' response to rough sleeping during the COVID-19 pandemic

The success of Everyone In demonstrates that, given the mandate and funding, councils, working with their partners, have the means to end the vast majority of rough sleeping.

COVID-19 Workforce Survey cover - 30 October 2020

LGA Research Report - COVID-19 Workforce Survey - 30 October 2020

An online survey is emailed to heads of human resources, or a nominated contact, in councils from England, Wales and Northern Ireland on alternate Wednesdays. The data requested relates to the week ending the preceding Friday.

Children missing education - report cover image

Children missing education

This research was commissioned by the Local Government Association in December 2019 in response to a growing concern that more and more children were missing out on their entitlement to a formal full-time education.

Front cover of HAP prospectus

Housing Advisers Programme Prospectus 2020/21

The Housing Advisers Programme is designed to support councils by helping them meet their local housing need. It aims to be simple, flexible and locally led.

Stand for what you believe in - be a councillor

What matters to you in your local area? Whatever needs changing in your neighbourhood, you could be just the person to change it by becoming a local councillor. No other role gives you the chance to make such a huge difference to the quality of life for people in your local area.

cover image for LGA-research report - COVID-19 Workforce survey 17 June 2020

LGA Research Report - COVID-19 Workforce Survey - 16 October 2020

This is report is part of a series of bi-weekly surveys of all councils in England, Wales and Northern Ireland collecting key workforce data on how the sector is responding to COVID-19.

Re-thinking local

The coronavirus pandemic has redefined how we all think about where and how we live.

Re-thinking local: full publication

Download the full publication.


Our parks have been lifelines during the pandemic, essential to our wellbeing. We’re calling on Govt to ensure par…

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