PSC joint circular 54 - Standards of Professional Behaviour

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To: Police Authority Chief Executives (copy enclosed for Treasurer)
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Forces in Scotland (for information only)
cc: Members of the PSC

11 September 2008

Joint circular No. 54

Dear Sir/Madam

Standards of Professional Behaviour

The Police Staff Council has reached agreement on the Standards of Professional Behaviour that should apply to all police staff covered by the police staff council terms and conditions handbook.

The attached agreement will be incorporated into Part 2 of the Police Staff Council Handbook. This agreement will come into effect on 1 December 2008. This date is in line with the implementation of corresponding police officers arrangements.

If you require any further information on this circular, please contact Emine Ali or Graham Baird (020 7187 7340) at the Employer Side, or Ben Priestley (020 7551 1272) or David Bryant (020 7551 1326) at the Trade Union Side.

Yours faithfully
Sarah Messenger
Ben Priestley
National Joint Secretaries