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Want to contribute to local government improvement? Find out how to become an officer peer or a member peer.

Officer peers

Officers wishing to be a peer are asked to complete the relevant Expression of Interest Form. The information we request in this form will help us consider your expertise and experience and how that matches the demand and requirements for peers. The make-up of peer challenge teams reflects the requirements of the council receiving the peer challenge. We regularly review our peer database to ensure we can offer peers with the experience and expertise required by the sector.

If you would like to make contact before completing the form please email the Placement Team at

New peers may also attend regional briefing events – dates, locations and contact details


Member peers

Member peers are involved in a range of peer support activity in addition to peer challenges, including support to new leaders and administrations following a change of control, mentoring and councillor development.

We ask that members interested in being a peer contact the relevant national lead member peer or head of Political Group Office to discuss:

  • their experience and expertise
  • the current demand for member peers
  • the areas where we require more peers.

Email: or

Email: or

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