Making Safeguarding Personal

We are working with ADASS to develop and deliver a support offer to help councils and their partners embed the Making Safeguarding Personal (MSP) approach.

Making Safeguarding Personal (MSP) is a sector-led initiative which aims to develop an outcomes focus to safeguarding work, and a range of responses to support people to improve or resolve their circumstances. Part of the Care and Health Improvement Programme, the work is supported by the LGA with the Association of Directors of Adult Social Care (ADASS) and other national partners and seeks to promote this approach and share good practice."

A series of tools to support MSP, measure effectiveness and improve safeguarding practice is available below. Further resources to support local areas’ roles and responsibilities in keeping people safe are available, including publications on safeguarding enquiries and reviews, resources for Safeguarding Adults Boards and work on the links between safeguarding and homelessness. 

Implementing MSP

Making Safeguarding Personal toolkit 

The fourth edition of the MSP practice toolkit, produced in January 2020, outlines an approach to and effective application of safeguarding, alongside a range of resources and practice based case examples.

Making safeguarding personal case studies (October 2019)

The MSP case studies from October 2019 illustrate outcome focused practice in safeguarding adults in line with the MSP approach. They are from nine council areas who put forward case studies, with local areas welcome to put forward further case studies.

Myths and realities of MSP

The briefing, published in November 2019, stresses that MSP is not just about safeguarding practice but also about prevention, and strategic as well as operational safeguarding.

Embedding MSP

Strengthening the role of advocacy in making safeguarding personal

This briefing from September 2020 offers support to those who have duties to commission and arrange advocacy services and to the advocacy sector in its delivery, including in defining both advocacy and MSP

Making Safeguarding Personal for commissioners and providers of health and social care

This briefing published in October 2019 is designed support health and social care commissioners and providers to make positive differences by engaging with those who use services. Presentations are available from the national workshops which focused on what enables good practice to be developed and sustained.

Practical examples of Making Safeguarding Personal from commissioners and providers of health and social care

This briefing offers examples of positive practice across four domains, namely how commissioners and providers engage with individuals and their families, support and develop their staff, promote and embed values-based leadership and culture, and work together.

Resources for Safeguarding Adults Boards

This suite of resources is intended to support Safeguarding Adults Boards (SABs) and partners in developing and promoting MSP.

Working with risk

This range of resources is aimed at those on working with risk in the context of Making Safeguarding Personal, with a focus on Safeguarding Adults Boards.

MSP development (2012-17)

MSP activity from 2012/13 includes the 'temperature check', an assessment of MSP in local areas in 2015-17, alongside recommendations on embedding MSP, with many examples of good practice.

Measuring MSP

The Making Safeguarding Personal Outcomes framework (May 2018) (pdf) is designed to help inform practitioners, teams, councils, Safeguarding Adult Boards (SABs), their partners, and service users, of the extent to which they are making a difference to the safety of people who are at risk of, or who have suffered, abuse or neglect in their area.

The Making Safeguarding Personal outcomes project final report (pdf) outlines a report on a pilot project. The next phase will focus on rolling out the framework and on extending participation. Find out how to get involved in the current round of data collection and the benefits of doing so: Making Safeguarding Personal Outcomes Framework: 2019/20: Invitation to join the next phase of the project (pdf).

The MSP framework underlines the importance of including qualitative information in developing an understanding the difference that safeguarding support makes for people. It also refers to the significance of case file audit within this, with this resource providing some local examples of case file audit tools and guidance/methodologies.