Healthy weight, healthy futures: local government action to tackle childhood obesity

Childhood obesity is one of the biggest health challenges of the 21st century. At the start of primary school one in 10 children are obese and by the end, that has increased to one in five.

If you include those who are overweight, the rates rise to a more than a fifth and a third respectively. Those growing up in the most deprived communities are at the greatest risk. The chances of being obese are about twice that of those who live in the least deprived areas. It is an ‘obesity gap’ that has been getting wider over the past decade.

This document updates the LGA's previous ‘Healthy weight, healthy futures: Local government action to tackle childhood obesity’ publication (February 2016).

It showcases the wide variety of ways, and different partners, that the sector is working with their colleagues in planning to not only restrict takeaways, but also working proactively to ensure new developments take into account health and wellbeing. Some are focussing on getting children physically active and the latest figures suggest less than one in four children are achieving the required levels.

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