Planning Committee

Planning committee is a significant investment of time and resources for most councils, and requires the close coordination of planning, democratic services and legal teams. It is an important shop window for the council and plays a crucial role in providing democratic and transparent decisions on sometimes controversial issues.

We have created a "hints & tips" guide to running a virtual planning committee. It is early days, and we hope that you will help us update it with better advice once we get a few under our collective belts. 


Accompanying the guide is an example protocol for the mechanics of running a committee. You can use it as a starting point, and then localise it to reflect how your committee chooses to run. 

[available shortly]

In our view it is essential that councils continue to run robust and legally sound processes. However alongside observing the letter of the law it is important to remember the spirit. It is not easy, but planning must continue to be transparent and fair. In this "fireside chat" Martin talks to some of our councillor peers to explore what is in their minds. We are very grateful to