The Independent Group Office seeks to ensure that the voices of councillors who are Independent or of a political affiliation outside of Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat, are taken into account on all issues to do with local government, nationally and across the work of the LGA.

There are approximately 2700 Independent Group Councillors across England and Wales.

Following the May 2019 elections our group members lead more councils than ever before. 31 councils in England and Wales now have LGA Independent Group Leaders and a further 36 have members in the wider administration. You can find out more about where Independents are leading and have been elected here.

The LGA Independent Group provides development opportunities, peer support, advice and guidance to our members, who are automatically part of our group due to their council’s membership of the LGA.

The Independent Group is led by the Independent Group Executive Committee, including Leader and LGA Vice Chairman Councillor Marianne Overton MBE, Deputy Leader Councillor Clive Woodbridge and Treasurer Councillor Paul Woodhead.

The Executive and LGA Independent Group members are supported by the Independent Group Office, which has three dedicated members of staff based in London.

LGA Independent Group constitution

LGA Independent Group Values

The Independent Group promotes and embodies the following values:


  • Representing our members and being accountable
  • Striving to earn and sustain a high level of trust from our membership and residents we represent


  • Be the voice of local communities and residents, without a party whip
  • Provide a strong focus on scrutiny and accountability for fair decisions
  • Challenge the establishment through our focus on real issues, not politics


  • Respect, value and celebrate the differences of our membership and commit to treating all members with equality, dignity and respect
  • Working together to achieve the best outcomes for the Independent Group, the membership and local residents


  • Engage and communicate with our members to address their needs
  • Ensure our relevance by being flexible and adaptable to changing needs and priorities
  • Demonstrate innovation and creativity in the delivery of projects, development opportunities and representation