GDPR, data and benchmarking

Working with data, using standards, GDPR compliance and publishing information according to predefined schema are all tasks for planning departments now. And it has always made sense to understand your performance as a service - both to try to improve it each day but also to prepare for the changes on the horizon.

Benchmark 2021

We are launching a benchmark in May 2021 for some volunteer councils. We will use what we learn to help our colleagues at MHCLG understand how the finances of planning departments work at present, and help them model some of the changes laid out in the recent planning white paper. 

Planning and GDPR

We have published a guide to managing data in planning departments and the requirements of the UK GDPR. The guide also contains a template "privacy notice" for planning that councils may wish to refer to and localise. 

Update at March 2021: This guide was difficult to make, and we want it to be as helpful as possible. We have released it as a consultation draft, to see how people find it and whether we need more mini case studies or whether we can consider it finished. We are holding some events to launch it and to see what our users say about it.