Social Work Together FAQs employers

This page is intended to give your council the information it needs to take part in the Social Work Together programme.

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1. What are the steps to register to use the Social Work Together service?

Step 2 Choosing the right option

On the council sign up page you will be presented with two options:

  • Access existing account previously set up for Social Work Together (Returning candidates) – enter email and password.
  • Set up new account (New candidates) 

Please select New candidates to set up an account.

Step 3 Choosing preferences

Once you have done this you will be taken to a page which will ask you to tick a box to agree to the privacy policy. Please read these terms carefully before you agree. Then click on the email button to be taken to the register an account page.

Step 4 Register an account

On the register an account page you will be presented with a form to fill out. Please complete all sections of the form. Please only use your organisation's email (not personal). Once you have read our privacy policy please tick I agree and then click save and continue to get to the next page of the form.

Step 5 Completing your registration

On the next page of the form, please once again, complete all sections. Please read the declaration and tick agree to proceed. This will allow you to submit your application. Your account will then be confirmed within 2-3 working days via the email provided in your application.

If the system says your council is already registered, simply add a number after the council name for the purpose of completing your application.

Your sign up process will then be done and a member of our team will be in touch with further information.

2) I want to sign up, but when I click apply the website refers to me as a candidate. Is this right?

Yes, that is correct. As the council registration form is hosted on our recruitment website, all council applicants are classed as ‘candidates’ by our system. Please ensure that you click ‘apply’ on the council-specific advert in the first instance, and then you will be directed to the correct application form. 

3) I’ve registered as an employer – what happens now? 

Please use the unique login details emailed to you. 

You will be able to review qualified Social Workers via the online portal and use the search facility to find those in your area (or further afield if remote working is feasible).  

4) The website says ‘vacancy’ – does this mean that candidates are applying for a specific role or just expressing their interest in supporting the coronavirus (COVID-19) effort? 

Candidates are expressing an interest in supporting the coronavirus (COVID-19) effort, letting local authorities know about their skills and experience. They are not applying for a specific vacancy. As an employer, it is up to you to decide how and where you employ them and for what length of time. You should discuss and agree the terms of employment with each candidate in a way that benefits both parties. 

5) I’m having problems with registering or viewing candidate details – what do I do? 

If you have registered on the site but are unable to view a candidate’s details, please refresh your page as the candidate may have already agreed to work with another council. If you are still experiencing problems, please email us and we will be happy to help. 

6) Will the candidates contact us? 

No. Candidates will register their interest on our online portal, and you will be able to review their skills and access their contact details to contact them. 

7) Will candidates be registered with Social Work England? 

Yes, unless the system indicates otherwise. We will check each candidate to ascertain whether they are on the temporary register, permanent register or not on the register with Social Work England. 

8) Will candidates have been reference-checked? 

No. Candidates have not been asked to provide reference details and you should follow your own reference and recruitment procedures. 

9) My organisation isn’t a council, but we would like to hire qualified social workers – can I sign up? 

The Social Work Together programme is supporting qualified and experience social workers to connect with councils and local authorities only at this stage. We appreciate that many organisations are pulling together to support individuals and communities in great need, and we thank you for the vital work you are doing. If you already work with your local council to deliver social work services, please contact them directly as they may be able to support you in finding additional staff. If we expand our campaign to incorporate other employers, we will advertise this. 

10) Will candidates have access to any learning materials whilst in the talent pool and when they start working? 

Yes. We have made learning resources available to all candidates in the talent pool to provide them with refresher learning before their first day of work with you. However, this is not meant to substitute any training or induction that you will offer as an employer.