Sector support: Reports and evaluations

Provides access to end of year reports and reviews and evaluations of sector-led improvement.

The publications on this page highlight activity delivered as part of the sector support programme, which is underpinned by a sector led-improvement (SLI) approach. They also demonstrate the value of the range of support provided through the sector support programme.

Independent review of sector led improvement

During the first half of 2020, the LGA commissioned Shared Intelligence to carry out an independent evaluation of SLI and to share reflections as to how the support programme could be enhanced in the future.  The review captured feedback from councils relating to the improvement programme delivered between 2017 and 2020. We delivered more than 4,000 units of support during this period, including 447 Peer reviews and follow-up visits.

The final report found that the vast majority of councils say that the SLI is the right approach to improvement within local government. Findings further show very high levels of satisfaction, with 80 per cent of councils believing our SLI offer has added value to the sector.

The report was published alongside an independent report on the LGA’s SLI programme for Children’s Services. Reflections from both reports will inform future conversations with councils about the support they need and with this, the future shape of our improvement offer.

An Independent Evaluation of Sector-Led Improvement in Local Government 

This report presents the findings of the evaluation, undertaken by Shared Intelligence, of the complete SLI programme, delivered by the LGA. Part one of the report covers awareness of SLI within the sector; perceptions of the validity of the SLI approach; satisfaction with the SLI offer; and evidence of the impact of SLI on councils’ effectiveness, improvement and innovation. Part two addresses council ownership of SLI, the role of MHCLG and communication; the contribution of data and evidence; SLI and councils in challenging circumstances; and other reflections on the future of SLI, including the impact of Coronavirus.

Evaluation of the LGA Sector Led Improvement programme for Children’s Services

This report presents the findings of the evaluation, undertaken by Shared Intelligence, of the Children’s Services SLI Programme delivered by the LGA. The evaluation assesses the extent to which support has led to improvements in children’s services; with specific identification of the parts of the offer that have led to positive impacts. It also examines whether there should be a change in focus of the offer to help better address the issues and challenges councils are facing.