Hear from those who are working for councils and completing innovative projects in ICT.


IT Officer

Apart from the people (who are an amazing bunch of characters and unbelievably knowledgeable), my favourite thing about working in council ICT is that the job is so interesting and I am constantly learning new skills.

There is rarely a day that goes by that I don’t learn something new, it’s given me a massive confidence boost realising that I can still learn new skills.

Councils are also really good employers to work for, they always try to ensure that you have a good work-life balance and are treated fairly within the workplace. They have also given me lots of tools and training to help me in the role.

If you are looking for a job that is interesting, challenging and ever changing, then definitely apply for a role in a council.


Head of Business Support and Digital Transformation

I find working in the ICT environment really fun as it requires me to be agile whilst working on user-centred improvement projects that are innovative.

There’s two strands to my role and both work hand in hand. The business support element is to oversee the organisation’s administrative support requirements. The digital transformation element is to pioneer and test digital solutions to common Children's Services issues, by using innovations such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 

The primary purpose of this work is to improve the services we directly provide to children and young people. I also explore ways to modernise internal back-office processes which leads to better staff retention, development opportunities and diversity of workload.

Collaborative working is an approach widely used and promoted in any council department, especially ICT. Working in ICT allows colleagues to expand their operational knowledge of internal, day to day challenges. The department identifies the IT problem, ICT comes up with the solution, and the two work together to ensure the solution will solve the problem and helps customers


Head of ICT & Digital

Council ICT is an exciting profession to work in. Coventry City Council have been working really hard on digital connectivity across the wider city. We have access to a large fibre network and there are a number of initiatives in place to enable residents to have access to phenomenal internet speeds.

Internally, we have just developed our own Artificial Intelligence Chat Bot as part of our ICT service desk – I am really proud of the work the team have done on this. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are areas that we are definitely exploring further.

The Return to Work – ICT scheme is a fantastic way to support people who have a real desire to work with technology and are eager to learn and get back into the workplace.


Assistant Director of ICT, Digital & Customer

My favourite thing about working in council ICT is the fact that we can make things that can be complex, so much simpler for residents.

We offer a wide range of services at emotional times in people’s lives, including at births, deaths and marriages. We make sure that our systems are simple, so people aren’t forced into further hardships if they find our services too complex to navigate.

Councils are also good employers and ICT is a profession where there are lots of opportunities to work flexibly. You can often test things at unusual hours and work in the evening, as there are lots of tasks that lend themselves to different working patterns.