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Future health challenges: public health projections - smoking

Smoking prevalence analysis: methodology summary by the LGA Research and Information Team

Get in on the Act Health and Care Act

Get in on the Act: Health and Care Act 2022

The Health and Care Act received Royal Assent on 28th April 2022. This briefing outlines what the Act covers and how it will impact local government.

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Must Know: Is your council meeting the needs of autistic people?

This publication supports councillors to understand their council’s role and responsibilities to autistic people, their families and carers and shows why it is important to meet the needs of local autistic people.

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Must Know: How do you know your council is doing all it can to safeguard adults?

This document sets out key areas for focus and specific questions to ask to assure you that your council is effective in keeping adults safe.

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Future health challenges: public health projections - childhood obesity

The purpose of this analysis is to produce a set of forecasts at local authority level for prevalence of obesity and overweight among children, at both reception and Year 6. It is hoped that these forecasts will allow local authorities to anticipate likely future levels of child obesity in their area, assuming that trends in child obesity continue in their current trajectories.

Must Know: Long Covid

Must Know: Long COVID - What is the role of local government?

Data from the Office for National Statistics has suggested 3 to 12 per cent of adults infected with coronavirus have symptoms 12 weeks after an initial infection. Our Must Know explains how councils are working to provide support.

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What is the role of a school nurse?

Understanding how school nurses can add value to local councils' Healthy Child Programme.

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Shopping for health

Putting health assets into the heart of local communities.

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Public health in local government: Celebrating 10 years of transformation

This year's tenth LGA public health annual report reflects on 10 years of public health in local government and looks forward to the opportunities and challenges of the coming years.

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Must Know: Loneliness - Is your council actively tackling loneliness?

Tackling loneliness is a preventative measure that improves quality of life for individuals and reduces long-term costs for health and social care. Councils have a key role to play, using their knowledge of the local community to bring together partners and lead projects.