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Image with illustration of group of four people with text the lives we want to lead

The lives we want to lead: where next for the debate about care and support reform?

The severity of the pandemic and the resultant upheaval and change in our daily lives since then has been staggering. Yet, while it may feel like everything has changed, some things have not.

Turquoise graphic with Local Gov Association and Association for directors of public health

Public health annual report 2021: rising to the challenges of COVID-19

This report looks at what public health has helped to achieve and what could have been done better during COVID-19. It also looks to the future and the significant organisational changes ahead of us.

cover of LGA Research Report - COVID-19 Workforce Survey - 5 February 2021

COVID-19 Workforce Survey, week ending 5 February 2021

This report is part of a series of bi-weekly surveys of all councils in England, Wales and Northern Ireland collecting key workforce data on how the sector is responding to COVID-19.

LGA Resident Satisfaction Polling Round 20 COVER

Polling on resident satisfaction with councils: February 2021

The Local Government Association (LGA) measures resident satisfaction with councils every three to four months. This report presents the results of the twenty-eighth round of polling conducted in February 2021.

Covid-19 Public Opinion Research, summary - BritainThinks

COVID-19 public opinion research - BritainThinks

To help councils with their thinking and to shape a narrative that will resonate locally, we commissioned BritainThinks to research how the pandemic has changed public opinion and behaviour, and what matters most for them.

Communications support

Stand for what you believe in: Be a Liberal Democrat councillor

Welsh Liberal Democrats edition

Front cover of pre election guidance

A short guide to publicity during the pre-election period

This guide provides advice and guidance on the publicity restrictions that should be observed by local authorities during the pre-election period.

Communications support
Image of speeding bus with LGA/Systra logos

The future of public transport and the role of Local Government - report

The Local Government Association commissioned SYSTRA Ltd to undertake research to initiate a debate on the future of public transport in England, outside of London, with a focus on local bus services.