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Wealth from waste – The LGA local waste review

What we do with our waste has been an environmental issue for generations and a regular front-page news story for the last few years. With the economy struggling and public services facing drastic funding cuts, we need to recognise that waste and recycling are economic issues.

The Visitor Economy: a potential powerhouse for local growth

The Visitor Economy: a potential powerhouse of local growth

Councils are playing a key leadership role in capitalising on their local visitor economy’s growth potential through creating the conditions for it to thrive and ensuring a rich cultural offer to attract visitors. However there are opportunities to further drive this growth through increasing productivity. This means getting visitors to spend more when they visit. 

National child measurement programme briefing for elected members cover

National Child Measurement programme: briefing for elected members

They address a number of transitional issues relating to the transfer of responsibility for delivering the National Child Measurement programme, which moved from PCTs to local government in April 2013.

No overall control: the experience of chief executives in councils without a majority administration

The LGA offers all authorities which change political control (whether to a single party administration or to no overall control) free support from our member peers for up to five days and this, typically, can involve facilitating workshops and away days to build relationships, clarifying strategic priorities and mentoring for leaders or portfolio holders.

Councillor development

Transforming the delivery of sport in local communities – elected member leadership academies

The Sport Leadership Academy is organised by the Local Government Association (LGA) in partnership with Sport England and is targeted at any Cabinet member/Portfolio holder with responsibility for sport.

An offer of help and support to improve the local delivery of health services

From 1 April 2013, responsibility for public health and other health services will be given to local agencies, including councils, clinical commissioning groups and the new health and wellbeing boards. Local Healthwatch will be the new local champion for health and social care.

Local healthwatch: Governance and involvement of councillors

This sheet provides a response to an increasingly common question about the involvement of councillors in the governance of LHW. Question: Can serving councillors be either chairs or board members of local Healthwatch organisations?

Modelling devolution – working together to deliver local services

Jointly produced by the LGA and National Association of Local Councils (NALC), this publication describes five models of how principal councils are devolving services to a more local level. ‘Modelling devolution' offers food for thought together with some recommended do's and don'ts for those councils that are contemplating devolving services.

Local Government Workforce Survey 2011/12

The survey was conducted by the LGA's Research and Information team. The LGA will use findings from the survey to help support local authorities. This summary report provides data on key workforce metrics.


Get in on the act: Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 explained

The LGA has produced 'Get In On The Act', a helpful guide to complement the recently passed scrap metal legislation. This short guide outlines implications of the Scrap Metal Dealer's Act for councils and the work the LGA undertook as the Bill progressed to help secure its safe passage. This publication was originally published in April 2013.