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Cover image for cllr guide to homelessness sector doc

A councillor's guide to leading the homelessness sector

In this guide, we seek to provide councillors whether in cabinet, scrutiny or their own wards, with some key information about homelessness.

Get in on the Act Domestic Abuse Act 2021

Domestic Abuse Act 2021 (Get in on the Act)

The Domestic Abuse Act was first introduced in the House of Commons in the 2017-19 parliamentary session. Following the 2019 General Election, the Government re-introduced the Bill on 3rd March 2020, it completed its parliamentary stages on 27 April 2021 and received Royal Assent, becoming law, on 29 April 2021.

Leadership Essentials impact survey 2019-20 cover image

Leadership Essentials impact survey 2019-20

Findings from an impact survey sent to delegates of the 2019/20 Leadership Essentials programme.

Leadership Academy impact survey 2019-2020 cover image

Leadership Academy impact survey 2019-2020

Leadership Academic impact survey results show it improved the ability of most councillors to carry out their role.

image of local pathway to net zero booklet

A councillor’s workbook on the local pathway to net zero

Local authorities have a crucial role to play in achieving the UK’s 2050 Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions target, this workbook can help councillors achieve this.

Councillor development
Applying behavioural insights to improve COVID vaccination uptake

Applying behavioural insights to improve COVID vaccination uptake: a guide for councils

This publication focuses on the work councils can undertake to improve vaccine uptake.

Remote council meetings temperature check 2021

In order to understand how councils made use of these powers and their views as to how such powers might be used in the future, the Local Government Association conducted a ‘temperature check’ of councils in England. The findings of the research were also intended to contribute to an MHCLG call for evidence on the matter.

Fire safety in purpose-built flats

This document was commissioned by the Government and was written by experts in the field of fire safety. It was published in July 2011.

cover of research report Next generation impact survey 2021-21- 100 x 142

Next Generation Impact Survey - 2020/21

The survey contained a small number of questions looking at the extent to which participating in Next Generation has had a lasting impact on participants.