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Stand for what you believe in - be a councillor

What matters to you in your local area? Whatever needs changing in your neighbourhood, you could be just the person to change it by becoming a local councillor. No other role gives you the chance to make such a huge difference to the quality of life for people in your local area.

cover image for LGA-research report - COVID-19 Workforce survey 17 June 2020

LGA Research Report - COVID-19 Workforce Survey - 16 October 2020

This is report is part of a series of bi-weekly surveys of all councils in England, Wales and Northern Ireland collecting key workforce data on how the sector is responding to COVID-19.

Using predictive analytics in local public services front cover

Using predictive analytics in local public services

The use of predictive analytics in local government is still at an early stage, although it is becoming more common. While there are some sophisticated examples of predictive analytics being used across a range of local public services, much of the sector is just starting to consider the opportunities, and risks, of this type of technology.

LGA Independent Group Report 2020 front cover

LGA Independent Group Report 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to sweep across our world, our councillors across England and Wales have done incredible work assisting those in need, advising and leading in our councils and in our communities. This annual report, published in November 2020, focuses on our achievements of 2019/20, including the start of the lockdown from 24 March. 

Very high alert level tier 3 front cover

Very High Alert Level (Tier 3) Regulations

Enforcement advice for local authorities.

Environmental Health Together - Candidate Information Pack

Visit our application page to complete an expression of interest to help match your skills to where they are needed most.

Learning for life front cover

Learning for Life: the role of adult community education in developing thriving local communities - A handbook for councillors

The handful of case studies featured in this councillors’ handbook demonstrate the excellent work of ACE services, but there are hundreds more great examples out there.

Re-thinking local

The coronavirus pandemic has redefined how we all think about where and how we live.

Re-thinking local: full publication

Download the full publication.


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