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Fire safety of cladding system - supporting residents front cover

Supporting residents who have been affected by cladding and other building safety issues

This Local Government Association (LGA) briefing is aimed at ward councillors supporting residents in their local areas. It explains the background to the cladding scandal, highlights issues facing residents, and sets out ways in which councillors might support them.

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Polling on resident satisfaction with councils: Round 31 - February 2022

The LGA measures resident satisfaction with councils every three to four months. This report presents the results of the thirty-first round of polling conducted in February 2022.

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Public health in local government: Celebrating 10 years of transformation

This year's tenth LGA public health annual report reflects on 10 years of public health in local government and looks forward to the opportunities and challenges of the coming years.

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Public perceptions of independent councillors (polling report)

This report presents the findings of a round of public polling conducted in February and March 2022. It was completed by Yonder Data Solutions for the Local Government Association's Independent Group, which represents councillors in England and Wales who are independent, Green or from smaller parties.

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Devolution Deal Support Survey Research Report January 2022

Between January and February 2022, the LGA conducted an online survey of members of its six Combined Authority Networks. This was to evaluate the LGA’s support in running these networks on the capacity and capability of members’ organisations to deliver their devolution deal objectives.

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Countering extremism and tackling hate crime – how councils are driving innovation through partnership working

Working with agency and community partners, councils have a strong track record of responding to community cohesion challenges and are well placed to facilitate partnerships to counter extremism and tackle hate crime.

Cover of publication entitled: " Current status of local authority powers and duties which were introduced or changed as the result of coronavirus legislation"

COVID-19 regulations review – February 2022

We have published a full review of all legislation resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic which has come into force since the Coronavirus Act (March 2020) – outlining new or amended powers and duties of local authorities. The Act is now winding down and our review highlights the changes that have been made to the Act so far. The document separates powers and duties into:

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Supporting modern slavery victims: guidance and good practice for council homelessness services

This new Local Government Association (LGA) guidance on modern slavery has been developed specifically for council officers leading and working in homelessness and housing services.

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Housing Advisers Programme Evaluation Survey research report, November 2021

The Housing Advisers Programme (HAP) is run by the Local Government Association (LGA) and is intended to support councils seeking to innovate in meeting the housing needs of their communities. It aims to be simple, flexible and locally led.

Cover of portrait-oriented publication (featuring the logos of the Local Government Association and Dionach) with the title 'The LGA Cyber 360 Framework' in hot pink text over a closeup image of a laptop keyboard backlit in green and blue lights

The LGA Cyber 360 Framework

The LGA Cyber 360 Framework uses a sector-led, collaborative method to provide expert guidance to local authority senior leadership and management – highlighting good practice that councils can employ to improve their cyber security posture and practices.

Build back local

Valuing and understanding local difference is what will truly enable us to level up.

Build back local: Building back better

Read the full 2021 LGA Annual Conference paper.


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