Housing Delivery Test year two

We held a short series of events for councils failing the Housing Delivery Test that was published on Feb 13 2020. These events are a mixture of spreadsheets, models, presentations and self-help so we keep most of the materials in a special 'forum' on the PAS knowledge hub. Feel free to ask questions there. 

This is the second year we have been helping councils respond to the Housing Delivery Test (HDT), and we are a bit older and wiser. In this presentation you can see the distillation of what we have learned from reading every single Action Plan from the first cohort. The beginning of the deck doesn't translate well to self-service, but the second half contains some very practical and helpful advice that will save you time and effort. 


The newest member of the PAS team reflected on what she learned from these events in a blog post. The six months that councils have to respond to the HDT and produce and action plan coincides with lock-down and enormous uncertainty about delivery more generally. You can expect more from us on this topic in 2020, but what is certain is that while thinking about it might be more difficult than ever delivery is only going to become more important.