Annual Position Statement 2020

This is the second year that some councils are able to submit an Annual Position Statement to the Planning Inspectorate. If agreed by an inspector the statement establishes a land supply for the next year so councils can reduce the amount of time spent on the topic at appeal. 

We had intended to hold some workshops in March 2020, and branded them "So you want to fix your housing land supply?". This reflected our view that councils needed to go into this process with their eyes open because it is not without risk and would take a fair amount of effort. The goal had been to bring together planners, PINS and MHCLG to chew these things over to allow people to come to their own view whether this option was right for them. 

These workshops were cancelled as lock-down began to restrict movement. You can see the materials we had prepared in our KHub post. In what is our first ever bit of video training Richard and Shelly discuss the materials in a sketchily-recorded conversation. 


In a subsequent post on the unofficial PAS blog Richard shares some thoughts on what the short-term impact on land supply calculations might be


Are you considering doing an Annual Position Statement this year? Then use our updated notification template checklist on whether you can meet the eligibility criteria.