Neighbourhood planning: a guide for councillors

Archived April 2016. This page will no longer be updated.


Update December 2013

The Localism Act sets out how communities will be able to get more involved in planning for their areas – specifically around creating plans and policies to guide new development and in some cases granting planning permission for certain types of development.

Neighbourhood planning is about letting the people who know about and care for an area plan for it. It is led by the residential and business community, not the council, and is about building neighbourhoods – not stopping growth.

Neighbourhood planning is optional but if adopted by the Council, neighbourhood plans and orders will have weight becoming part of the plan making framework for your area.

Neighbourhood planning is also not entirely new – it can build on existing community planning work. If you felt a bit removed from planning as a ward councillor then neighbourhood planning is an opportunity for you to get more involved – even if you've previously been put off planning by perceived complexity, controversy or jargon.

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This guide is to help ward councillors:

  • understand the basics of neighbourhood planning
  • think about what this means for their community
  • think about their role as a ward councillor.