Housing Needs Assessments for Neighbourhood Plans

Archived April 2016. This page will no longer be updated.

This advice note is aimed at helping local authority planners ensure that housing needs assessments in their area follow a consistent methodology. It also discusses the ways in which the local authority can assist the neighbourhood planning qualifying bodies with housing needs assessments to save the authority both time and money.
In addition, this note will:
  • explain the process of producing a housing needs assessment at neighbourhood plan level 
  • set out the types of data that should be taken into account;
  • describe how assessment findings should be used;
  • explain how the approach can be modified , and the circumstances in which this may be necessary;
  • detail how local planning authorities can assist neighbourhood planners in assessing housing needs for their areas
  • provide examples of housing needs assessment at neighbourhood plan level and the role of the local planning authority in helping them achieve this.


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