Housing Delivery Test Action Plans

Each council's action plan will be unique, and will depend on local circumstances and issues. We have started publishing some sample action plans along with helpful checklists and templates.

On this page you can see some basic overviews along with some examples of early action plans. 

Preparing an effective Action Plan

Each council will need to consider what a relevant and proportional approach means for them, given their local circumstances and issues. Nonetheless, we believe that a checklist and overview help to set out the basics of the task, and provide an external 'second opinion' against which the council can check itself. This is the second draft of this document published in January 2019. 

What does a good Action Plan look like?

We worked with some pilot councils to work up some 'real' Action Plans. It is important that they add value, don't require too much work to make and maintain and that they minimise the risk of unforseen consequences.

At the bottom of the page you can see some the outputs from this pilot process.

The NPPG sets out how the report should be supported by a detailed evidence base. There will be some read-across between the evidence required to support an Annual Position Statement on 5 year land supply and the approach to be taken to support an Action Plan. It could also be the case that some of the work underway by the Future Cities Catapult to derive a set of standard data standards and schemas would lead naturally to this evidence base being published in a machine-readable way. 

For now, here is a basic table in which to publish the data with sample headings. Again - we expect to improve and change this table when we have road-tested it more. 

We would expect the council to require a data collection and review process at a more detailed level. Here is one version of a spreadsheet that combines some of the approaches from our pilots:
Download the spreadsheet from the PAS cloud.