Local Planning

Our focus is on helping councils get an up to date plan in place. Whether you have an adopted plan in place or not, there are areas that are driving a lot of questions: objectively assessed needs (OAN) and the 5-year land supply (5YLS).

We've produced some materials which should help you with this and can also do some plan making support with your authority (for a discussion about whether this would be charged for or paid for from our grant and therefore free to you, please contact pas@local.gov.uk).

We have produced a technical guide to OAN  and some FAQs on the 5YLs.

Plan Making Direct Support

We offer support to authorities on reviewing the methodology for objectively assessed need and five-year land supply as well as on other matters of local plan preparation. This could be a critical friend review of your evidence work to date, help reviewing and challenging your local development scheme and project plan, some peer support or help from a political peer to work with councillors on moving the plan forward. 

Read more about our plan making support here.