Being a peer

If you are a local authority planning officer or a councillor with a role (or interest) in planning, you could help us to provide sector-led support for planning authorities.

This work could include supporting us at events by talking about your experiences and giving tips, helping with councillor training sessions, being part of a peer challenge team, being part of a review panel for authorities, or helping with mentoring for specific problems within an authority.

Becoming a peer

If you are an officer, please fill in and return:

If you'd like a chat beforehand, please contact

If you are a councillor contact your political group office at the LGA. However, there are times when the peer list is effectively ' full', depending on the group and the amount of peer work available. 


To carry out the peer role effectively, you will need to be competent in the following areas:

Developing others

Capacity to share learning and develop others by providing a supportive and non-judgmental environment. Demonstrating a personal commitment to continual development and learning.

Working with others

Ability to work alongside others to achieve a common purpose through valuing the contributions of others. Recognising and including diverse viewpoints.

Providing challenge

Capacity to positively and constructively challenge individuals and groups in an effort to help them to improve. Able to perform the role of a change agent sensitively and inclusively.

Communicating and planning

Ability to analyse requirements and coordinate efforts with others through effective communication and planning. Providing the evidence to support those ideas.

Political and organisational sensitivity

Ability to understand and overcome political and organisational differences, in an effort to work collaboratively with different stakeholder groups.


Presentations from our peers (At a PAS Peer Event Feb 2015)

In February 2015 we got some of our peers together for a day to explore current issues around planning and improvement. The presentations are available below. Click the links to view the PPT presentations or view them by clicking through the SlideShare presentations.


Andy Millard, Thurrock CC - Positive Planning – Proactive approaches to Service delivery