How planning works: an introductory guide for councillors

We've updated our popular guide for new councillors or councillors who are new to planning following the publication of the National Planning Policy Framework. The guide will help councillors understand how planning impacts their ward and how they can use planning to help their communities address local issues.

The guide cuts through the jargon and will get councillors past any perceived complexity so they can understand the most important elements of their role and the role of planning.

Download the guide:


Five tips to get you started

1. Get involved. Talk to your residents and local businesses and help them get involved in planning

2. Find out where your authority is in the process of developing its local plan, and what the plan says

3. Work in partnership with your officers and use constructive challenge when necessary.

4. Don't be afraid to work with developers and officers to ensure local benefits from new development.

5. Understand the implications of the Localism Bill and the opportunities for your council and neighbourhood.