Skills training events - Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow: Planning Your Plan

PAS events have always been a key part of our offer to the sector. Practical, focussed, topical and relevant (so people tell us) we are developing new events focussed on the skills you need to be a better planner, or councillor involved in planning.

DCLG now have the power to intervene in local plans which are not produced by 2017. This doesn't just affect those who haven't yet published, but also everyone with a strategy that is over five years old.  As part of their decision, they will be looking at progress made against an LDS; are you setting timely milestones, and are you meeting them?

We are all busy people and don't often get the space to think about certain issues. These events will provide that space to reflect and connect with others whilst picking up hints and tips which we have gathered through working with local planning authorities over the last 10 years. Now more than ever there is a focus on the LDS and it is important to ensure yours is robust and succinct. The events aim to leave you with the knowledge to do that.

Who should attend:

Local authority policy officers and anyone else involved in programming the local plan.


Each event will cost £175 to attend. However if you sign up for our subscription offer you can come to this (subscribers get priority) and save money in accessing other events and support.

Before attending:

When registering, please also tell us up to 3 main issues concerning you at your local authority. These could be the reasons that have led to slippage in your timetable, or issues that concern you as you work on your new LDS. In the afternoon we will explore these collectively and seek to consider ways to tackle them.


Register here for events taking place: