PAS Peer Train the Trainer

To keep our councillor peer network engaged, informed and refreshed we are inviting you to a specially-created event in London on 24th October aimed at preparing our peer network to deliver PAS support in 2017/18 and beyond.

The objectives of these events are to:

  • Hone your skills: Using practical examples from recent engagements, understand the ‘what and how’ of delivering PAS support, the key skills required, and what makes for a successful peer engagement.
  • Hone your knowledge: We will take you through DCLG’s current programme of work as key elements of the Housing White Paper begin to creep back on to everyone's agenda. 

We’ll also share with you the opportunities we have for working with councils and a timetable of when councils will be likely to require the support to be delivered. We’d also like your input on how best to get you involved.

Flexibility & Variety

We have a variety of work this year and not everyone can give up a whole week to do peer reviews so we are looking to provide more variety in the work we offer our peers including shorter and/or more spread-out engagements – from 1 day training or problem solving / identification sessions, to improvement work spread out over 3 or 4 days working with small teams of officers and/or the committee. 

Peers as a valuable learning tool

The most powerful and valuable work PAS delivers is through you; our experienced councillor peer network. It’s a unique aspect of PAS/LGA work and we are keen to provide our peers with more varied opportunities to get directly involved. Councillor peer work is the epitome mutual learning – you pass your knowledge and expertise onto colleagues in other councils, and you benefit from experiencing the challenges of delivering a planning service in different settings.

LGA councillor peer mentoring handbook

Link to the house of commons briefing