PAS Local Plan Route Mapper & Toolkit Introductory Workshop - Autumn 2019

PAS Local Plan Route Mapper & Toolkit Introductory Workshop 

Following the launch of the NEW PAS Local Plan Route Mapper & Toolkit, we delivered introduction and training days for planning officers on using the toolkit on 5th November in Birmingham and 18th November in London. Please find a below a link to the Local Plan Route Mapper & Toolkit, the presentations from the event and  guide to using it.

The Local Plan Route Mapper gives practical help to users to undertake a local plan review, to project plan and manage the update of a local plan and carry out a local plan update and is supplemented by a local plan making Toolkit which can be used over the plan making process to check that the plan is progressing correctly and challenge the draft plan ready for examination, replacing the PAS Local Plan Soundness and Legal Compliance Checklists.

The Route Mapper & Toolkit is freely available and is designed for LPAs to use themselves but we can work with local authorities to use it as a “critical friend” or advisor from our team of experienced local authority peers or our team of consultants. 

The workshop worked through the Route Mapper & Toolkit giving practical advice on its use and the challenges of reviewing and updating local plans.



PAS has set up a designated users forum for the users of the Route Mapper & Toolkit to be able to post up comments, questions, suggested updates and share examples of good practices.