NPPF Viability in Planning events

In November 2018 we held three workshops with officers from across the country to look at the implementation of the revised NPPF policy and guidance on how viability should be dealt with in planning. Viability can be a really tricky subject but we learnt a lot at these events which were supported by expert officers from MHCLG, the GLA and industry practitioners BNP Paribas Real Estate.

Over the autumn we worked with 90 officers from councils across the country to provide professional training and support on the implementation of the policies and guidance on viability in plan making and decision taking contained in the revised National Planning Policy Framework and National Planning Policy Guidance.

We held three workshops in Leeds, Birmingham and London each of which was supported by experts from MHCLG, the GLA (in London) and industry practitioners BNP Paribas Real Estate (who made sure that we got our calculators out!). Our focus of the day was on the following principal areas of development viability:

  • Standardised inputs and methodology to viability assessments;
  • Viability and plan making;
  • Viability and decision making; and
  • Transparency, openness and accountability.

The feedback from the events has been overwhelmingly positive and it was acknowledged by most that the reforms really are aimed at helping authorities when it comes to dealing with viability in planning. It is now up to authorities to implement these changes and in accordance with the NPPF to ensure that all viability assessments are made publicly available.

We are very aware that the events were oversubscribed and that it is a key area where officers want to learn more. To help, you can access the presentations that we used here:

Slide deck