Proposed reforms to developer contributions (CIL and Section 106) consultation

In March, April and May 2018, PAS held a series of events around England to help councils engage with the consultation on the proposed reforms to developer contributions.

This included consideration of the draft NPPF policy and NPPG guidance on how development viability should be considered at the plan and decision making stages as well as the reforms to CIL and Section 106 that would require legislative changes to be brought forward. 

At the events we went through the main areas of the proposed reforms and worked with practitioners to help them think through what the changes mean for their authorities and how they could be implemented. 

You can find the presentation that we used below. 

We also encouraged feedback on technical implementation matters by posting any issues practitioners are having in to our “golden treasure box”. We must not forget that much of what is proposed in the developer contributions reforms will be put in to regulations and we wanted to make sure that practitioners were able to help inform this process through sharing their practical experiences of the current CIL Regulations 2010 (as amended).