PAS supplier framework

PAS has moved its procurement to a service called ‘NEPRO'

We have always used a small group of suppliers to help us deliver the PAS programme, and we used to manage our own supplier framework. In some respects it was a great success, and we formed some close relationships with a bunch of companies we trust. However it was quite a lot of work for all concerned, and it had the disadvantage of only being open to new companies once.

Reductions in the amount of work we are going to commission and a greater need for flexibility in the face of the reform agenda and changes in the way PAS operates mean that we are not going to run our own framework any more.

Therefore if you want to provide services to PAS in the future you should apply to NEPRO to become an accredited supplier. Naturally registering with NEPRO does not guarantee work from PAS. NEPRO works by taking a small commission from work ordered through it. We think this commission costs less than the work needed to commission and run our own OJEU framework.


Registering with NEPRO

NEPRO is a nationally available neutral vendor solution for public sector organisations to engage consultants, professional services and interim support which acts as a Dynamic Purchasing System. The NEPRO solution allows public sector organisations to buy business consultancy and specialist professional services quickly and easily. NEPRO engage and manage a range of suppliers, from SMEs to publicly listed companies, on behalf of public and third sector organisations. We understand that becoming and accredited Nepro supplier will give suppliers the opportunity to do business with other public sector organisations that are currently using or want to use NEPRO in the future.

For more information on the NEPRO solution please visit NEPRO's website.

If you would like to register as an accredited supplier with NEPRO so that you can be contacted about relevant professional services and consultancy opportunities with PAS, the LGA and other public sector bodies registered with them, please go to

This is a simple process which will require you to provide:

  • General information about your company (name, contact details, VAT registration number etc)
  • Complete mandatory questions regarding health & safety, equal opportunities, insurance cover etc
  • Provide two case studies and two references for each lot that you would like to register for (you can register for PAS and you may find other lots of interest to you)


What happens after registration with NEPRO?

Once successfully registered and accredited, you will be notified by NEPRO of any business consultancy or specialist professional services opportunities that match your business profile. For each work opportunity, NEPRO will send you a detailed specification from the client for you to provide a competitive quote against. Your response will be assessed and evaluated by NEPRO and the client and a decision will be made on who to appoint as the successful supplier (sometimes following a mini competition). NEPRO will notify you if you have been successful and provide you with all the information you require to commence the work assignment. You will also be notified by NEPRO if you have been unsuccessful on each occasion and feedback will be offered on the client's decision.

Once you are engaged on a piece of work with PAS, the LGA or another NEPRO Partner, NEPRO will oversee the invoicing process to ensure you receive regular payments for the work you deliver. Any work for the LGA which you are appointed to deliver will be output based with staged payments. We will promptly approve each staged payment on satisfactory evidence from you that the agreed outputs have been delivered.

Can councils use the same suppliers as PAS ?

Yes, in fact councils are encouraged to employ the same suppliers. We will do our best to help you out, and we encourage all councils to share their procurement good practise and (where appropriate) the outcomes of their commissions.


Want to know more ? You are welcome to ask questions here on the KHub.

If you have any questions about the NEPRO solution that haven't been answered on NEPRO's website, please email NEPRO via the contact form here .