Buying from the Planning Advisory Service

You are reading this because you want to buy something  from PAS - whether it's a single ticket for an event or your annual subscription. Because you are buying something you need to raise a purchase order (PO), which will generate a number to be used for invoicing.   This is our step-by-step guide to make it easy for you to do so. Please take a moment to review this guide as (importantly) we are not legally called PAS!

Find us as a supplier on your system
The Planning Advisory Service is a trading name of the Improvement and Development Agency (also known as the IDeA). The IDeA has been around since 1998 working for councils and so is very likely to already be on your accounting system. The company registration number is 3675577. 

If not, you can download our bank details below:

Raise the PO
Standard rules apply about providing a sensible but not extreme level of detail, so there can be no misunderstandings. The IDeA is VAT registered, so all our prices are +VAT. It should be made clear on our proposal is you should allow a small amount for expenses (we charge them at cost). 

Often when you raise an order your accounting system will automatically send out a copy to the address it keeps for the supplier. It would be very kind if you would send a copy to us in PAS, as the address you have is unlikely to be ours. 

Tell us if there are specific arrangements for sending in our invoice
Your orders will usually arrive with instructions on how to submit an invoice. If you want us to do something different (e.g. send directly to you for review before paying) let us know. 

Current PAS subscribers

If you already have a subscription and want to use it to buy something from PAS, you can do so provided there is enough left in your account with us. In these cases you do not need to raise an individual Purchase Order.