21st Century Public Servant

Experiences of individuals working in councils and other parts of the public sector.

The LGA, SOLACE and PPMA have been working together with our academic partner, the University of Birmingham, to consider how we can provide a practical focus to the conceptual thinking that lies behind the University's excellent research into the 21st Century Public Servant.

We know there was a lot of interest in the concept of the 21st century public servant but an increasing appetite for something practical, relevant and accessible that would help leaders, practitioners and employees better understand what a 21st century public servant does and how they do it, as well as provide the examples and confidence to take action within their own organisations and workplaces.

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What it takes to be a 21st century employer event

We explored and examined the crucial cultural and political elements needed in your organisation to create workplaces and partnerships where meaningful public service can thrive for our communities in the 21st century.

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The Walk Tall e-book

We are delighted that, with the support of some local authorities, we have produced an exciting e-book called Walk Tall: Being a 21st Century Public Servant. The book draws on the experiences of individuals working in councils and other parts of the public sector to bring to life the concept of the 21st Century Public Servant. It shows what 21st century public servants do day in, day out and encourages organisations across the public sector to adopt a new approach to job design, workforce planning, organisational culture, recruitment, staff development and employee engagement to empower and facilitate our workforce to deliver fantastic services, enjoy their work and be very proud of their achievements.

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