Employee engagement

An evidence-based approach to measuring our employees’ experience of work.

The LGA Workforce Team have been working with councils and other public sector employers for over a decade to better understanding employee experience at work.

We provide a range of analytical insights to help councils better understand:

  • employee engagement (TEDD)
  • culture and values
  • wellbeing at work
  • recruitment and retention
  • Employer Standards of Social Care
  • pay and rewards
  • impact of COVID-19
  • new ways of working (hybrid working) 
  • 21st century public sector employer.

Our approach is developed by the sector for the sector. We have worked with our trusted partner Kinetiq since 2012 to develop, deliver, analyse, report and support councils employee experience surveys – all aiming to lead to the right actions to improve understanding of the employee experience at work.

We have worked with dozens of councils and surveyed in excess of 40,000 local government employees over several years.

Our work is specifically tailored to councils needs and we work as a partner to enable your council to deliver insightful, timely, inclusive intelligence on your workforce.

We provide this support on an 'at cost' basis and therefore we can keep the cost low and the value high compared to other non-sector based providers.

If you would like to learn more please contact nigel.carruthers@local.gov.uk