Peer challenges

Peer challenge is a proven tool for improvement. It is a process commissioned by a council and involves a small team of local government officers and councillors spending time at the council as peers to provide challenge and share learning.

The process involves engaging with a wide range of people connected with the council and the findings are delivered immediately.

Since we launched our offer to support sector-led improvement in 2011, we have delivered more than 700 peer challenges. In 2013 our 'Rewiring Public Services' campaign endorsed the central role it plays in improving council's impact on issues like economic development, improving social care and pressing ahead with transforming public services. In 2014 an independent evaluation endorsed the value of peer challenge. A further recent evaluation this year provides independent feedback about the effectiveness, impact and value for money of the Corporate Peer Challenge.

Peer challenge is a core element of our sector-led improvement offer to local authorities. A fully funded Corporate Peer Challenge is available to all councils every four to five years. In addition we offer a range of other service specific and thematic peer challenges. 

If you want to discuss a peer challenge in your council then please contact your regional LGA Principal Adviser.