Highlighting Political Leadership

The LGA's range of political leadership development programmes helps to support and develop councillors ensuring our local politicians are confident and capable.

 The scale of the challenge that councils are currently facing requires strong, responsive and resilient leadership. To address this, we are refocusing our leadership offer so that senior councillors and officers have access to learning resources and the ability to share their experiences with their peers. This includes ensuring that councillors have access to online leadership tools that support their vital community leadership role in their national effort to respond to COVID-19, including through neighbourhood and community engagement. 

Support currently available:

  • We've upgraded our councillor elearning platform to provide a better and more up to date learning experience for our elected members. With easier to read text and improved graphics.
  • A series of webinars to support councillors and political leaders 
  • Our first webinar, on the role of the ward councillor in responding to the COVID-19 crisis, is now available.
  • A private KHub group  This has been set up to provide remote online networks, where councillors can share their learning, practice and experiences on themed portfolio areas. The group is being facilitated by LGA staff and will continue to build content over time. Intelligence will be used to inform future initiatives for councillors as they manage the COVID-19 outbreak and its consequences. Please note that a simple sign up/login process is required to ensure the privacy of the group.
  • A guidebook on ‘Being an effective cabinet member’ – This guidebook is a distance learning aid to support cabinet members in their role, including decision-making, whole cabinet working, leadership styles in times of crisis and officer/member relationships.
  • Guidance for finance portfolio holders: A new paper that outlines and discusses the key issues that elected members, particularly those in finance and wider leadership positions, should consider when assessing the impact of COVID-19 on council finances.
  • One-to-one leadership development  For the next three months, councillors in leadership positions are able to access one-to-one development conversations with Leadership Academy Facilitators.  These sessions will be focussed on helping councillors adapt their leadership style through three structured coaching calls.  To find out more, please email grace.collins@local.gov.uk
  • Councillor's workbook on mentally healthier places, designed as a distance learning aid to support councillors develop mentally healthier communities
  • A councillor’s workbook on effective opposition during COVID-19, reset and recovery, examining effective opposition in local government and focuses on the role that the opposition plays during the COVID-19 pandemic including the reset and recovery phase.
  • Other resources – This range will include a new mental health hub for elected members and an e-learning unit on handling intimidation. These resources and others will be available to support councillors as part of the LGA’s civility in public life programme.

The LGA is also working with Solace to offer executive coaching to chief executives and nominated senior officers.

Inspiring local communities and creating a better future for the people and places we represent takes ambitious leadership – effective political leadership has always been at the heart of healthy democracy.

The LGA's range of political leadership development programmes helps to support and develop councillors ensuring our local politicians are confident and capable; well equipped and well supported to make a difference, deliver and be trusted.

Supporting effective political leadership is part of our wider package of sector-led Improvement; helping councils strengthen local accountability, monitor performance and drive improvement.

The newly launchedLGA Political Leadership Network (log in required) on the Knowledge Hub offers councillors an online forum to talk amongst peers, network, ask questions, seek and share ideas and good practice.