NGDP for councils

Known as the NGDP, the LGA’s flagship management trainee programme offers councils a unique opportunity to grow their own local government leaders. It is the only national graduate programme specifically for local government. Every year it provides the sector with high quality graduates ready to work on strategic projects which contribute to the delivery of your council’s goals.

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Please be aware councils have until 31 March 2022 to sign up to this year's programme. To sign up, please complete this form.

The NGDP is a two year programme, where graduates are employed by councils and undertake a minimum of three placements. Alongside their employment, the LGA provides a prestigious complementary learning and development offer. This is carried out in parallel so that the graduates can implement their learning whilst working on real projects.

At the end of their two year programme the graduates will have developed a range of skills across a variety of services. The NGDP acts as an opportunity for talented graduates to fast track their local government career and gives councils the opportunity to nurture and develop their own talent.

In tough times such as these, with budget cuts and the often negative portrayal of local government in the media, attracting the best talent to the sector can be a real challenge. A priority of the NGDP is to ensure local government continues to be seen as a positive, relevant and vibrant choice for the best graduate talent.