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Innovation in local government is about improving the lives of the people in our communities. Browse through our case studies to see the many innovative programmes councils are involved in.

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COVID-19 case studies

Councils are doing remarkable work to address the challenges brought by coronavirus. Good council practice related to the COVID-19 outbreak can be found on our dedicated web hub.

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Rapid response and convening - Nottinghamshire County Council

Nottinghamshire County Council quickly responded to the economic, health and well-being impact of the pandemic in three main ways: convening partners to provide coherent recovery responses, bidding for funding, driving digital delivery and working with partners to protect apprenticeships and vulnerable young people.

Rural response - Shropshire Council

The COVID-19 economic taskforce has focused on bringing partnerships together to deliver SC’s pandemic response.

Building relationships with businesses - Essex County Council

Building on their strategy and growth work developed pre-pandemic, ECC quickly moved to focus on business recovery providing an opportunity to cultivate more in-depth relationships with business and support their districts.

Digitising the service offer and supporting people to in-demand jobs - Halton Borough Council

HBC has been able to build on their longstanding partnerships with employers including housing associations and major corporations to continue to offer joint job training and employability programmes during the pandemic.

Digital service transformation and partnership - Staffordshire County Council

Staffordshire has taken a partnership approach with the eight district councils to identify gaps in government support and local needs and priorities.

Innovation and business support - Babergh and Mid Suffolk

The district councils have put significant resource into supporting businesses in their market towns through the development of, and investment in, a virtual high street digital platform.

Reaching priority communities and service integration - Bristol City Council

COVID-19 has created the conditions to enable better working across all council services and being able to use different offers and services to reach people most adversely affected and help them back into a job and for those further left behind, into an employment pathway.

Transforming skills and employment delivery in response to the pandemic - Devon County Council

With the onset of the pandemic, the employment and skills service had to pivot to online and alternative delivery approaches in a very short timescale to continue to support learners, young people and those that were being made redundant or who had lost their business.

Borough partnerships and sector diversification - Hounslow Council

One of the key elements of HC’s response to the pandemic has been looking at how they can support a more balanced economy in the medium and long term—encouraging new businesses into the borough and upskilling residents to move communities into work.

Reorientation of services and functions and collaborations - Kirklees Council

In response to the pandemic, Kirklees Council has fundamentally and rapidly reassessed their approach to supporting their local businesses and residents