Business Plan 2017/18

Britain’s exit from the EU means that we are reshaping the way our country is run. Our vision is one of a rejuvenated local democracy, where power from Westminster and from the EU is significantly devolved to local level and citizens feel they have a meaningful vote and real reason to participate in civic life and their communities.

Economic growth is boosted in a way that offers prosperity to every place, with well-targeted and planned investment in infrastructure, training and housing and support that leads to jobs and an adequate supply of affordable homes.

Public services are transformed so that they focus on preventing problems instead of just picking up the pieces, delivering positive outcomes for all, but in particular for our children and young people. Services are built around people and their needs, joining up to make the best use of resources, to have a positive impact on the lives of individuals, families and communities and to make local areas better places to live.

To support this vision, we will concentrate our activities on seven areas in the year ahead, to ensure that:

  • Britain’s exit from the EU

  • Devolution and funding for local government

  • Inclusive growth, jobs and housing

  • Children, education and schools

  • Adult social care and health

  • Supporting councils

  • A single voice for local government

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