Debate Not Hate

Debating and disagreeing with one another is a healthy part of democracy, but abuse and intimidation crosses the line into dangerous territory. The right engagement matters.

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Anyone, regardless of their background or political affiliation, should feel safe to become a councillor and be proud to represent their community. 

But the increasing level of abuse and intimidation aimed at local politicians is preventing elected members from representing the communities they serve, deterring individuals from standing for election and undermining local democracy. 

Our Debate Not Hate campaign aims to raise public awareness of the role of councillors in their communities, encourage healthy debate and improve the responses and support for local politicians facing abuse and intimidation.

We need to be united in calling for change. 

How can you get involved?

  • Sign our public statement and call for a government convened working group to tackle the issue
  • Read and share our new report and its findings
  • Engage with the campaign on social media using the #DebateNotHate hashtag
  • Encourage other councillors and organisations to get involved by sharing our work with them
  • Sign up to receive regular updates on our democracy, civility and voluntary sector work
  • Share your personal experiences of abuse and/or intimidation, our call for evidence is still open.