Environmental Health Together: candidate selection process

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The aim

During the COVID-19 pandemic, this platform will provide a central place for local authorities to recruit professionals most needed to carry out Environmental Health work.

Use this register to:

  • find professionals immediately available with the skills and resources needed  
  • manage resourcing.

The Charted Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) have assessed all candidates and these can be viewed in the portal. All candidates are also registered with CIEH.

Your role:

Follow your usual recruitment processes to assess the candidate against the criteria and standards of practice that your local authority require for the role.


Step 1: Searching for candidates

Every Friday, you will receive a report with an updated list of candidates who have applied.

This report contains the following information:

  • candidate’s ID number
  • candidate’s name
  • county where the candidate is based
  • in what capacity the candidate is willing to work 
  • in what specialisms the candidate is experienced

Each candidate has been reviewed by CIEH and vetted against their membership credentials.

We recommend that you search for candidates based on the specialisms in which you need support (these are classed as categories in the portal) and compare against locations nearest to your authority. 

Step 2: Reviewing and contacting

Once you have located the most suitable candidates for your needs, please login to the portal to locate the candidate’s personal details to contact them.

In the portal you have been allocated a region, and within this region you will be able to access the relevant candidate you wish to review in more depth.

Within the portal you will find the following information about the candidate:

  • email address
  • telephone number
  • CV 
  • detailed work experience
  • education 
  • references

Once you have shortlisted and selected the suitable candidate/s, you can access their personal details and contact them directly.

Please note: We are unable to send personal information about the candidates (incl. email addresses) outside of the platform for information security reasons.
Step 3: Letting us know

If you have successfully appointed a candidate from the talent pool, you should let us know by emailing us at EHTogether@local.gov.uk.

We will then remove the candidate from the portal to prevent other local authorities contacting the same candidate.

Step 4: Confirm matches

If you have contacted and agreed to work with any of our candidates, please let us know their names so that we can update our reports and show only the available Environmental Health professionals.

If you would like to share your experience of using Environmental Health Together to connect with Environmental Health professionals, for use in our promotional materials, please email our team.

Technical problems or feedback

If you require any support or think of any additional functions that would be useful in this process, please let us know. 

Frequently asked questions

I’m struggling to use the platform.

Please review our guidance which have screengrabs of the relevant pages. If you are still having problems, contact EHTogether@local.gov.uk and we will arrange a call and demo to support you.

The candidate I have seen on the list is not found in the portal?

There are two reasons why a candidate’s details are now missing from the portal:

  1. They have been appointed by another council.
  2. They are no longer available. 

I’ve reviewed the talent pool in my region and none of the candidates are suitable for what I need?

This list of candidates is updated on a week by week basis, so we would recommend that you check the list periodically as the right candidate may have recently applied.

I want to contact a candidate that is not in my region.

Candidates determine the regions in which they are willing to work. You will only be shown candidates that have included your region as part of their selection.